The Ocean Is A Stubborn Old Monster

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The ocean is a stubborn old monster that refuses to change its ways. Day in and day out it lounges on its ancient throne, swaddled in a cloak of mystery. It seems that a long time ago, the ocean gave up on being a peaceful place. Now, the ocean capsizes boats and sends people on unexpected travels for fun. It has a twisted sense of humor, not to mention some morbid hobbies. The ocean is actually quite proud of its achievements. Unlike the land, the ocean has successfully hidden its secrets from humans and has become very smug. The ocean gloats, claiming that it is the only wild place left on the planet. Any person who tries to tame the ocean has to be very brave or simply dull-witted. Furthermore, anyone who has faced the ocean head on…show more content…
I wondered how it would carry us and our equipment. After checking in with the people in the dive shop, we began to load the boat. It was a slow process, but with a bit of teamwork, we were ready to leave at sundown. As I hopped into the boat I glanced out toward the horizon. The sun was beginning to set, and the colors of the night sky were slowly rising. The pale blues of noon were retreating as the fiery colors of the sunset took their place in the sky. “We’re all ready to go,” the boat captain hollered over the sound of the engine. With a shove and a kick, the boat slowly made its way away from the dock, and towards the unknown. We passed through several canals where beautiful houses marked the end of the ocean and the beginning of the land. Suddenly, we were in a swampy waterway surrounded by mangrove trees. The mangrove trees were huddled together in groups as if they were cold and trying to stay out of the water. I listened as the captain told us about all the animals that live in the shelter these trees provide. I was amazed at how much life there was in places left undisturbed by humans. After a while the sun went down and left the sky black, save for the dusting of stars giving off weak light. I stopped chatting with Dr. Williams and stared out into the water. For all I knew, the water could have been ink. My back stiffened and a chill ran down my spine. I began to have second thoughts about snorkeling. The boat sped

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