The Ocean Of The Atlantic Ocean

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Making Life Possible The open Atlantic Ocean is a body of saltwater that covers twenty-five precent of Earths surface. It provides transportation for humans and homes for plants and animals ("Atlantic Ocean"). There is more than seventy percent of the Earth 's surface is covered with water ("The Open Ocean"). The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world. It borders North and South America, Europe, and Africa ("Atlantic Ocean"). The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is a mostly underwater mountain in the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean is home for many unique plants and animals. However, humans are destroying the ocean in many different ways. The Atlantic Ocean is very important to the habitat on Earth. Its…show more content…
It separates Europe and Africa from South and North America. The Atlantic Ocean is S-shaped and narrow in relation to its length ("Atlantic Ocean"). The open Atlantic Ocean has everything in the ocean outside of coastal areas. To clarify, all the animals in the beaches, shores, coastlines are in the big open ocean. ("The Open Ocean"). Although the Atlantic Ocean is not the largest ocean, it has the largest drainage area. The continents on both sides of the Atlantic tend to slope in, so it receives waters of a great proportional of the major rivers in the world (" Atlantic Ocean"). Life began for animals and plants in the open ocean. For Earth the ocean is extremely important covering over half over earths surface and supplying half of the oxygen for us. Every second breath you takes comes from the ocean. The deepest canyons and mountain ranges are beneath the sea. Also, it regulates the climate for us and is our life-support system ("Why the Ocean Matters"). In the Atlantic Ocean there is a lot of plants and animals. Millions of plants live in the Atlantic Ocean. Plankton is a plants that forms on the shelf ("English Online"). It provides food for fish and other sea animals. The open Atlantic Ocean supports fewer organisms. Coral reefs, seaweed, algae, and sea grass are all in the open Atlantic Ocean (Padilla, 487-488). Corals in the Atlantic Ocean thrive in the Caribbean Sea and other warm areas. Kelp beds are a major plant
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