The Ocean Of The Sea

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An ocean is a very large expanse of sea, in particular, each of the main areas into which the sea is divided geographically. Have you ever been fascinated with the ocean or just something that interest you? Well this essay is about my fascination and what I know and how a came to understand the ocean. The ocean is a very mysterious, beautiful place where anything can happen at any time and to understand it one must pay close attention to it a research and that 's exact what I did.
A tide is the rise and fall of the water in the ocean. This is caused by four aspects the moon, the sun, gravity, and the rotation of the earth. The ocean has many types of ecosystems as well, such as coral reefs, abyssal plains, arctic, deep sea, hypothermal vent, kelp forests, mangroves, rocky shores, salt marshes, and mud flats. Coral reefs are the most important part of the oceans they do many things such as protecting the coastline from wave action and storms, provides habitats for many marine organisms, and they are also a major source of nitrogen. Also, coral reefs assist in carbon and nitrogen fixing. Lastly, coral reefs are the most diverse place in the ocean meaning it holds the most living different type of organisms across the world.
An abyssal plain an underwater plain on the floor of the ocean and they cover more than fifty percent of the earth surface and they are one of the least explored places in the ocean. Artic ecosystems even though it has very cold conditions this ecosystem…
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