The Ocean Provides Essentials for Human Life but We Are Killing It

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The ocean loves all kinds of life. All the Oceans provide many human essentials and provides economic, financial, recreation, and supplies to help us with our need in life. But if the ocean is there to provide for us why do people that reside on this earth cast waste and pollution into our oceans? The oceans provide us food, a home to all marine life, and are one of the most beautiful creations of our Heavenly Father. Polluted oceans are full of plastic products, chemicals, and other misplaced waste that harms and kills marine life, our atmosphere, even humans and animals on the surface of the earth. In my paper I am going to talk about the major aspects of ocean pollution like, entanglement and health effects on the marine life, the cost…show more content…
Two other main chemicals that are in plastics are Phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA). “Bisphenol A is considered an endocrine disruptor because it mimics estrogen, a natural hormone, and may fool the body by stimulating reactions that are unnecessary and potentially harmful.” Studies have shown that Bisphenol A leeks from plastics and waxes when they are exposed to high temperatures, and is used in so many daily products that we use every single day, such as baby bottles, recyclable water bottles, and microwaveable containers. Numerous amounts of people in advanced countries are exposed almost regularly to some level of Bisphenol A. Marine life will suffocate on waste by eating it, and being tangled in trash. When animals are tangled, it affects the normal growth patterns in their lifetime. All of the plastic in oceans have harmful chemicals that can not only involve marine life but humans too. The most common plastics are cigarette butts, plastic water bottle caps, and Styrofoam pieces.
Pollution in the ocean takes time to decompose; most of the time it takes to decompose is longer than a human being lives. The time it takes a newspaper to decompose is 4 to 6 weeks, tin cans take 50 years, aluminum cans is 80 to 200 years, plastic bags take 10 to 20 years, and a glass bottle will fully decompose after one million years. Waste can take a
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