The Odyssey: A Summary by Alec Fields

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Odysseus was the king of Ithaca; he had a wife, and a new-born son Telemachus. While his son was still an infant, king Agamemnon declared war on the Troy, and Odysseus was drafted to fight in the Greek army. It was there that he did many heroic deeds, most notably his concoction of the Trojan Horse plan. But this story begins after all that after he offends the god Poseidon and is sent on his journey, his quest, his Odyssey. Ismarus was sacked by Odysseus and his men. It was plentiful with money, food, and treasure. So plentiful that Odysseus' men became greedy and they decided to enjoy themselves, against the wishes of Odysseus. To exploit these circumstances a neighboring army attacked killing 72 of Odysseus' men. They flee from…show more content…
Odysseus traveled to the lair of the Sirens and Odysseus prepared his men ahead of time. Their ears were filled with wax, and he had them tie him to the mast of the ship, without any wax in his ears. Upon hearing their song he yelled for his men to release him, and that's when they would tighten the ropes. He flailed and struggled to get free, but he was unsuccessful. He was released after they were well passed the Siren's domain. It is said that after being completely unsuccessful the sirens drowned themselves. Odysseus was told by Circe to choose between braving Scylla, a 6 headed sea monster or Charbydis, a huge whirlpool-like monster. He was told that if he faced Charbydis his entire ship, with his men, would be lost. He was told Scylla would kill 6 men, and that if they fought against it they would lose 12. So Odysseus reluctantly chose to brave the Scylla. Scylla ate 6 of his men as they crossed and Odysseus moved forward in his journey. They next made landfall on the island of Thrinacia, the island of the sun god. This was Helios' domain where he kept his prized cattle. Odysseus was warned by Tiresias not to eat the cattle there, this was passed on to the crew by Odysseus. But they did not listen, they made a feast of Helios' cattle. This earned them the wrath of Helios,

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