The Odyssey And Homer 's Homeric

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Throughout Greek mythology, there are characters that grasp our attention, fill us with dreams, and encourages us to find our sense of adventure fantasy. We encounter new brace characters, and once in awhile we see those qualities and characteristics in another character. that 's the case with the characters of Demeter and Penelope. Although placed in different stories like The Odyssey and Homer’s Hymn to Demeter, both characters share qualities that makes them similar to one another. Furthermore, both powerful female characters experience an impactful loss that turns their life upside down. Demeter, a goddess of fertility, must struggle as she goes in the search for her daughter Persephone as she has been kidnapped by the God Hades and taken to the Underworld. In the other side of the coin lies Penelope, who has gone through heartbreak and depression after the loss of her true love, Odysseus. Both characters then go through their own way to have their love return to them. Throughout their stories it can be clear that Demeter and Penelope are similar to one another as they both experience the loss of a loved one, both actions have consequences that affect the innocent people that are around them, and both characters are portrayed as the helpless archetypes for female roles in their respected stories. One similarity between Demeter and Penelope os that both characters suffer a major loss in their respected stories. In each story, both female characters suffer a major
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