The Odyssey, By Homer

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Throughout The Odyssey, Odysseus is described as cunning. His thoughts are always working towards the best outcome for himself and like a good chess play, he always remains one move ahead. Odysseus’ cunning can be observed through his interactions with the nymph Calypso in Book Five and the Phaeacian Princess Nausicaa in Book Six. During these interactions, Odysseus flatters the females and evokes pity for his suffering in order for the situation to work to his advantage. He is not always honest, but his command of language allows him to win people over with his lies. Odysseus wishes to get home as quickly as possible and is willing to lie and flatter to complete the journey. Odysseus has been trapped by the nymph Calypso for nearly…show more content…
She offers Odysseus immortality which is not enough to make him stay. When Calypso questions who is more beautiful, she or Penelope, Odysseus is quick thinking and lies to the nymph in order to flatter her by agreeing that Calypso is more beautiful. He does this because the opposite answer may enrage the nymph or make her jealous, causing her to have a change of heart that would make his trip home more difficult. Next, Odysseus attempts to make Calypso feel pity for his struggles, telling her that if he has suffered plenty already and will endure more if he must. Odysseus effectively flatters the nymph and makes her feel pity for him. By evoking her emotions, he is able to guarantee Calypso will help him all she can on his journey home to Ithaca. Odysseus has to use this strategy again once he lands on the next island. After leaving the island of Calypso, Odysseus is at sea for nearly twenty days. Poseidon returns from a trip to Ethiopia and is enraged when he sees Odysseus floating for the island Phaeacia because Odysseus is fated to return to Ithaca after Phaeacia. Poseidon sends waves and a storm in order to disrupt Odysseus and when he is alone in the sea Athena inspires him to reach the Phaeacia. Athena puts Odysseus into a deep sleep hidden within bushes once he reaches the shores of Phaeacia. When Odysseus awakens, he observes the Princess Nausicaa and her maids washing clothes near the river. Odysseus sees this as his chance to get to the leader
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