The Odyssey By The Homer

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The Odyssey is known as one of the greatest western literature in the world. The book covers many details of the relationship between Gods and humans. The author focuses on Odyssey honor, honesty, bravery, creativity, and nobility. Though the Odyssey has received many criticisms compare to the author other best work such as The Iliad, it has also been praised for its sophistication, complexity and thematic consistency. The book talks about Odysseus journey home to find his son and wife. It also talks about everything he encountered on his journey.
The story of the Odyssey started after the fall of Troy. This was the reason why Odysseus decided to go back home to see his son and wife. In the beginning of the book the reader is first introduced to Odysseus on his way to find his son. It all started after he was released from the goddess Calypso after seven years of captivity. Zeus who is above all the other Gods gave an order for Odysseus to be released and continue on his journey to be with his family. While Odysseus was fighting his way back home, his son Telemachus, was also on a journey to become a man by himself. Having no male figure to look up too Telemachus tought himself how to be a man.. His mother Penelope was surrounded by many suitors who came every day to win her heart. Unfortunately, she never accepted any of them because she had faith her husband Odyssey would return to her. This part of the book explore the concept of the Oikos. The oikos or household was
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