The Odyssey Hero's Journey Essay

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The timeless story, The Odyssey, has left it’s mark in literature as one of the first narratives depicting the hero’s journey cycle. This work of creative writing has laid the foundation of storytelling that would later inspire other popular writings like, The Hunger Games, The Lord of The Rings, and Harry Potter. How has this ancient novel withstand the sands of time and remain relevant and appealing even to modern day readers? The Odyssey touches upon many topics that appear attractive to even present-day audiences. Such as adventure, romance, action, and magic. Moreover, this heart-pumping story includes many engrossing and varied personas that we are able to relate to and fathom in the real world. Many diverse characters face choices…show more content…
To further explain, another particular scene in The Odyssey is the line, “But the kingly man let fly an arrow at that instant, and the quivering feathered butt sprang to the nipple of his breast as the barb stuck in his liver...His cup, his bread and meat, were split...his head slammed on the ground” (82-87). The way Homer chronicles The Odyssey displays for the audience grisly and detailed incidents,especially during this sequence where Odysseus confronts the suitors occupying his home. This style of storytelling inspired most of the greatest tales in the later eras, such as The Hobbit, Ulysses, and Cold Mountain. Furthermore, the epic narrative incorporates a multitude of manifold characters with engrossing personalities that we slowly start to care about. For this reason, in The Odyssey it is stated, “O my lord, remember me, I pray, do not abandon me unwept, unburied, to tempt the gods’ wrath, while you sail for home; but fire my corpse, and all the gear I had” (47-50). The Odyssey delineates the sorrow for Elpenor in this scene by showing him begging and supplicating for Odysseus not to leave him ungrieved for and forgotten. The text makes the audience feel pity and despair for him, as we can relate to the feeling of being forgotten or neglected. To put it another way, in the text, it is stated, “Now Penelope sank down, holding the weapon on her knees, and drew her husband’s great bow out and sobbed and bit her lip and let the salt tears flow.” (16-18). It is
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