The Odyssey Major Work Data Sheet

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Title/Author: The OdysseyBy: HomerDate of Publication/Genre: unknown; epic poem | Biographical information about the author: Next to nothing is known about Homer. He probably lived in the late eighth and early seventh centuries. He was blind and he also composed Iliad. | Historical information on the period of publication: The time was very influential to the story. During this time, all stories were passed on by word of mouth. People who were gifted with a silver tongue were held in high regard at that time. Songs were told almost as though they were singing them. Some people of high power would blind people that had a knack for telling so that the story teller would keep telling stories to them. Also, people didn’t have many …show more content…
Odysseus comes up with a plan. While the Cyclops is out grazing his sheep, blocking the entrance again when he and his sheep were out, Odysseus and his men make a spear. Once the Cyclops comes back, Odysseus gives him wine. The Cyclops asks Odysseus’s name and he says his name is Nobdy. Polyphemus then said that for the wine that he would eat Nobdy last. After more wine, Polyphemus falls asleep. Odysseus and his men then get out the spear that they had made earlier. They had put it over the fire that Polyphemus had to toughen it. They then had stabbed Polyphemus in the eye with the spear. In agony, Polyphemus had shouted in agony to his fellow Cyclopes. He had told them that ‘Nobdy’ had tricked him. The other Cyclopes had left after hearing him say that. Afterward, for Odysseus and his men to get out of the cave, when Polyphemus had let his sheep out of the cave to graze, Odysseus had tied the sheep into bundles for him and his men to rid under as the sheep left the cave so that Polyphemus wouldn’t know that they left. They then gathered up Polyphemus’s sheep and went to their boat. However, as they were paddling away from the island, Odysseus taunted Polyphemus. Polyphemus threw the top of a hill at them in rage. It barely missed, but the wave had almost put them right back at the shore. They paddled back out into open water. Odysseus was about to taunt Polyphemus again, and though the crew begged him not to, he taunted him
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