The Odyssey

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The Odyssey

Reading Comprehension Questions Part 1

Part 1 1) Where is Odysseus located at the poem’s beginning? 2) What is a muse? And why is Homer asking the muse to, “sing in me?” 3) Who is lord Helios? 4) What did Odysseus’ men do to lord Helios? 5) Who is Odysseus’ father? 6) Where is Odysseus from? (What city is his home?) 7) Who is Calypso? Who is Circe of Aeaea? 8) What did Circe do to Odysseus? 9) Who were the Cicones and what does it sound like Odysseus did to them? What did they do to him and his men in return? 10) After Odysseus’ men (The Achaeans) left the island of the Cicones, how many of them had been killed? 11) How does Odysseus come to the shores of the Lotus eaters?
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43) Who is Aeolus and what favor does he do for Odysseus? What do Odysseus’ men do that ruins the favor? 44) Who are the Laestrygonians? What do they do to Odysseus’ men? 45) Who is Circe? What does she do to Odysseus’ men? 46) Where does Circe tell Odysseus he must go before he can go home? Who must he talk to? 47) What are “libations?” 48) What two things does Odysseus vow to sacrifice when he gets home, to assuage the nations of the dead? 49) What does he actually sacrifice and let it’s black blood flow into the pit he has created? 50) What is Erebus? 51) After Odysseus makes the sacrifice, what stirred out of erebus? 52) Who is Persephone? (They used her name in The Matrix) 53) What is Odysseus trying to keep away from the pit he’s created? Why? 54) Who is Elpenor? 55) What news does Elpenor tell Odysseus of Telemachus? 56) What does Elpenor ask Odysseus to do for him? 57) Who is Anticlea and how is she related to Odysseus? 58) When Tiresias appears, what does he bend down and taste? 59) Who is, “…the god who thunders on the land…?” 60) What does Tiresias mean when he says, “One narrow strait may take you through his blows?” 61) Who is Helios again? (Refer to Question #3) 62) What are Kine? Why is Odysseus supposed to avoid them? 63) According to Tiresius, when Odysseus gets home, he will find some men. What will they be

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