The Odyssey : The Power Of Love In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey, an epic poem written by Homer in the eighth century, is a universal story with themes that are still relatable today. Readers follow Odysseus, an epic hero who faces many challenges such as Circe’s bewitched trance, getting by Scylla’s six-headed wrath, and avoiding Charybdis’s big mouth in order to go back to Ithaca. Odysseus and Penelope think about each other even when they’re miles apart from each other. Throughout this time, they don’t know the next time they will get to see each other again. However, they still miss and want to see each other. Even in ancient Greece, society learned and understood the power of love. Love helps others to prevail through challenges, protects your loved ones from danger, and reunites others to be happy again. Love helps others to prevail through challenges. People persevere through many challenges because people respect their loved ones and follow the advice given to them even after their loved ones have passed. After Circe allows Odysseus to leave her house, he goes to the Underworld to talk to Tiresias who will tell him what is the next part of his journey. Upon entering the Underworld, he sees many familiar spirits watching him as he walks by them. After he talks with Tiresias, he sees his mother as a spirit. He starts to feel sad; however, he stands strong and perseveres towards his goal to get home. “Child, how could you cross alive into this gloom at the world’s end?—No sight for living eyes; great currents run between, desolate waters, the Ocean first, where no man goes a journey without ship’s timber under him. Say, now, is it from Troy, still wandering, after years, that you come here with ship and company? Have you not gone at all to Ithaka? Have you not seen your lady in your hall?” (Homer, Book XI, pg 190, lines 173 - 183). His mother was asking about why Odysseus isn’t with Penelope back in Ithaca. She tells him to leave the Underworld and go back home. He realizes that he needs to focus on his love for Penelope instead so he can move on from his mother’s death and move further on into his journey. He is now one step closer to completing his journey and seeing his wife once again. As Odysseus leaves the Underworld, there are still many challenges
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