The Odyssey : The Violent Scenes To Greek Culture

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The importance of Homer’s work towards Greek culture and even modern culture can’t be emphasized enough. The name, “teacher of Greece”, is given to him for reason. His book, The Odyssey, is one of the most famous epic poem in literature, it’s also a prime example of Greek mythology writing. Homer includes violence, blood, and killing many times throughout this book. All these events have a special meaning or they aid the story altogether. In The Odyssey written by Homer, the violent scenes contribute to the story as a whole by presenting the Greek culture, and by developing the character of Odysseus.
Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, has a numerous number of violent scenes, all these events show us the Greek culture and/or lifestyle. In the story, violence and war are considered distinguished; strong fighters like Odysseus are celebrated and idolized. One example to support the thesis is when Penelope sets the contest of stringing Odysseus’ bow, “I set before you the great bow of King Odysseus now! The hand that can string this bow with greatest ease, that shoots an arrow clean through all twelve axes— he is the man I follow, yes, forsaking this house where I was once a bride, this gracious house so filled with the best that life can offer...” (426). This quote illustrates, that toughness and strength are really celebrated in the society. Penelope is deciding her husband just by seeing if that person can string a bow. This illustrates that people looked up the people with more

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