The Odyssey : Themes Of Loyalty, Justice, And Hospitality

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As children, humans are taught to analyze. They are taught to look at a piece of information and find a deeper meaning within it. Students analyze statistics, body language, beliefs, and works of literature. When teachers teach about analyzation within works of literature, most attempt to have a student find a theme, or what the author is trying to teach the reader. While some books only have one themes, others have a multiple. In one of Homer 's most famous pieces of literature, various themes can be found. Throughout The Odyssey, three major themes of loyalty, justice, and hospitality are present. Loyalty is a basic human virtue that is glaringly visible in this book. First of all, Odysseus ' crew is aggressively loyal to him. The book starts off with Odysseus just finishing the Trojan War. His crew went through the war lasting a decade with the hero and never once left his side. All of his men were willing to go to take their lives for Odysseus, which is the ultimate form of loyalty. Odysseus ' wife, Penelopeia’s emotions show immense loyalty towards Odysseus as well. She has over 100 suitors vying for her hand in marriage and tries to delay picking one as long as possible. Penelopeia creates a intricate scheme to hold them off. She tells them that they have to "wait until I(Penelopeia) finish this cloth, for I don 't want to waste all the thread I 've spun...there she was all day long working away at the great web; but at night she used to unravel it by
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