The Odyssey by Homer

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As society has progressed, composers have adapted and appropriated the archetypal quest so as to reflect the values of the time’s culture appropriately. This has been a necessary course of action, to ensure their writing conveys the quest and its respective elements in a manner that will be understood by the responder in the relevant time period. The texts ‘The Odyssey (Homer 8th Century BC), In the Shadow of No Towers (Art Spiegelman 2004) and The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde 1890) have appropriated the archetypal quest in their respective time periods to reflect the values of their context.
“The hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a
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“I wanted to sort out the fragments of what I’d experienced from the media images that threatened to engulf what I actually saw, and the collage like nature of a newspaper page encouraged my impulse to juxtapose my fragmentary thoughts in different styles” This quote from the author enables the responder to develop further insight into Art’s reasoning behind how he has structured the comics, and why he chose to create them. The time period after September 11 in which the comic was devised and then published was the beginning of a very invasive media presence. The way in which the media dramatized its information, and bombard its audience with it, made it very hard for one to distinguish between the facts of events, and the images the media would present us with. This is very much evident in Art’s somewhat satirical and cynical representation of the media.
Another theme that is prevalent throughout his work, is the idea that the government’s ideas and policies were heavily engrained into the American media. On one of his splash pages, he depicts himself as a downtrodden writer, who is walking with his head down, his clothes and beard are shown to be dishevelled. He says “Despair slows me down, so I worry whether NYC, or I, will still be around to see if my page was well-printed”. The use of several commas allows this to be read as if Art is speaking aloud, these are thoughts being projected straight out, without pause or mental editing. This gives

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