The Odyssey by Homer

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Homer’s, The Odyssey spins an exciting tale of war, fantasy, and magic spanning twenty years. However, the thrust of the story focuses on human relationships and Odysseus’s strong desire to reunite with his wife and soul mate, Penelope and their son Telemachus. However, to truly understand his desire return home, one must examine many facets of the epic. What is the significance of the turmoil experienced in the household during his absence? Is Penelope a cunning equal and meet spouse for Odysseus? What does the eventual reunion of Odysseus and Penelope reveal about love and marriage? To truly understand the answers to these questions, it is necessary to consider the following arguments. The turmoil experienced in the home during Odysseus’s absence is three-fold; Telemachus questions his lineage and must be mentored by Athena instead of his father, Penelope; the lonely and grief-stricken wife and her role in the home, and the behavior of the unruly suitors and their harassment in the home. As the tale begins the reader is given the first glimpse of Odysseus’s longing to return home but also the lack of order therein. Athena, disguised as Mentes, questions the young son of Odysseus and Penelope and Telemachus responds: My mother says that Odysseus is my father. I don’t know this myself. No one witnesses his own begetting. If I had my way, I’d be the son of a man fortunate enough to grow old at home. But it’s the man with the most dismal fate of all. They

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