The Odyssey vs the Lord of the Rings

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Comparing the Odyssey to the Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings and Odyssey are two very weird stories in my opinion. The two stories include several similarities. The most noteworthy similarity of the two that were in common was the use of themes. Both included similar themes such as, life, death,power, brotherly love, myth, temptation, and journey. One thing I noticed was the use of several different themes included in both stories. In the Lord of the Rings the inhabitants of Middle Earth join to save themselves from enslavement. Centuries before, a ring was forged putting much power into control of who had it. Some men fell into that power, but an alliance of men and elves defeated it. The Ring was
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In the case of the Sirens, the theme is revisited simply for its own interest. With their ears plugged, the crew members sail safely by the Sirens’ island, while Odysseus, longing to hear the Sirens’ sweet song, is saved from folly only by his foresighted command to his crew to keep him bound to the ship’s mast. Homer is fascinated with depicting his protagonist tormented by temptation: in general, Odysseus and his men want very desperately to complete their nostos, or homecoming, but this desire is constantly at odds with the other pleasures that the world offers As for the authors, Tolkien was well-versed and well-educated in the classics. He spoke ancient Greek fluently and would have known the works of Homer inside and out. No doubt his works were influenced by Homer in at least a minor way. Unfortunately we know very little about Homer, and in fact some scholars’ debate whether he even existed, so drawing comparisons to the two authors may be difficult. What we can consider however is the theory that Homer was a member of a group of poets called the Homeridae, which literally means hostages. These men were believed to be descendants of prisoners of war and as such, were not sent to war due to their dubious loyalties. Homer no doubt bore witness to many conflicts and used his writings to warn against the dangers of war. Similarly, Tolkien confined the Lord of the Rings after he

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