The Oedipus Complex In The Movie 'The Babadook'

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OEDIPUS COMPLEX As talking about the monstrous feminine and the mother-child relationship, the Oedipus complex is another important element of the psychoanalytic film theory. The Oedipus complex is defined as the sexual desire of the parent who has the opposite sex while the child will treat the same sex parent as a competitor. According to Freud, the role of the father during the period of a male child’s psychosexual development is crucial, as he acts the one who prevents the incestuous relationship happens (Jones 1999, 455). As a human being who is castrated, the mother is always a terrifing figure, and the border between the son and his mother disappears when the Oedipus complex attained. However, in The Babadook, the Oedipus triangle…show more content…
Similar to The Babadook, the role of a father is also absent in the film Black Swan. Thus, Nina not only loves her mother and wants to be a good girl, but hates her mother and wants to relinquish her constraint. One of the scene shows that the mother makes a beautiful cake to celebrate Nina’s nomination of the swan queen, a series of close-up of Nina and her mother’s eyeline match conversation illustrate the struggle in Nina’s heart, she wants to get rid of the stifling love from her mother, however, the abject image of the mother dose not allow her to do so. When the black swan falls in love with the dancing coach, a man who fills the vacancy of Nina’s father, Nina has already killed her mother in the heart. The narrative follows the psychic activity of Nina and switches back and forth between the white swan and the black swan. Some of the details reveal some small differences between two identities, such as the color of Nina’s clothes changes from pink to gray during the arousal of the black swan. Compared to The Babadook, Black Swan talks about the Oedipus complex and the mother-child relationship in a more traditional way as it follows the child’s psychic narrative of refusing the overwhelming love of the mother. However, Buerger (2017) argues that in The Babadook, not the mother’s love caused the problem, but her lack of appropriate maternal feeling. CONCLUSION

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