The Office of Inspector General Essay

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The Office of Inspector General was set under the Inspector General Act of 1978(Public law 95-452) and established in March 29, 1989 to provide independent and objective audits, investigations and reviews of the FCC operations and programs. The inspector general therefore pioneers the detection and prevention of fraud, waste and abuse in FCC’s operations and programs. The reports and finds of the investigations, audits and reviews are compiled semi annually by the Inspector General and presented to the chairman and the United States Congress. These reports are a source of information to the chair, commissioners and United States congress on the deficiencies and general operation of the FCC. The FCC chair supervises the
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Common themes and/or trends
OIG continuously monitors FCC legislative and policy development and provide input as appropriate. Common issues, which seem to be a trend, are summarized herein and systematic strategies which may be implemented to reduce the undesired trends are highlighted. Among the recurring issues as observed in the OIG report include; a weak internal control system, slow investigations and handling of cases and non compliance of policies and procedures in presentation of financial statements.
Weak internal control System
Despite the unqualified report written by the auditors, two internal control weaknesses were identified. The internal control weaknesses were reported for both the March 2011 and March 2010 reports meaning, there is little or no attempt that has been made to take care of this problem.
The first internal control weakness that is persistent is the FCC’s financial reporting processes is inadequate manual reporting process and financial system integration. Another significant deficiency of the internal control system identified is the information technology controls of the FCC. The two weaknesses are considered to be significant deficiencies however; the auditors never specified whether the deficiencies were material. A significant deficiency in internal control is a deficiency or combination of deficiencies that is not severe than a material weakness, though important enough for
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