The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Is Writing To You To

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The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus is writing to you to discuss our concerns regarding the content of Ohio’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Plan and the proposed submission date of the plan on April 3, 2017.

The purpose of ESSA is to fully prepare all students for success in college and careers, which consists of rigorous and comprehensive state developed plans designed to close achievement gaps, increase equity, improve the quality of instruction, and increase outcomes for all students. Ohio is currently creating an ESSA State Plan for how our local, state and federal programs are aligned to help all our students be successful. The state has invited the public to review and provide comment on the draft state plan and technical
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• The class of 2027 are present day 2nd graders. Schools have the indicators which identify the students who are not on the path to graduate high school, this is the moment where intensive intervention should be provided to assist our children to have a successful academic experience.
• Every child should have multiple routes to receive a high school diploma. Students that have not successfully passed the standardized test but have completed four years of course work with passing grades, should qualify to uniquely demonstrate proficiency to receive a diploma and participate in the graduation ceremony.
Schools and Districts Identified for Support
• The state needs to provide all technical equipment, support and troubleshooting for all mandatory state testing.
• Teaching is moving from an individual to a collective activity. The level of agreement and alignment across classrooms around powerful practices are increasing. The school is aligning its organizational resources around support for instructional improvement.
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