The Oil And Gas Industry

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The oil and gas industry has been largely dependent on the collaboration between oil and gas companies and governments represented by environmental and regulatory agencies. This collaboration has been in place to regulate the practices and to protect the environment around the field operations sites. Some of the environmental agencies roles in the oil and gas industry includes: • The design of safety procedures and drills. • The implementation of these procedures to ensure they’re respected and carried out effectively. • Serving as an overseer to the different operating companies if they encounter conflicting circumstances. • Help with the design of the necessary equipment – like capping stacks – in times of emergency. • Look through the specifications of the different equipment used during field operations. For a number of years since the increase of exploration and development of sites in deep offshore waters, there has been an increasing effort to design appropriate safety procedures necessary to prevent catastrophes and to contain them after they have happened. Companies and regulatory agencies haven’t been able to do this extremely necessary task with ease due to the novelty of the conditions surrounding procedures being completed. Drilling in deep offshore waters for example has been a very recent event which has been carried out by mostly very large multinational operators as usual conventional fields become uneconomical for them. Some of the measures put in place

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