The Oil Business

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The oil business is one of the most lucrative as well as the most highly debated topics around the world today. It is no surprise that countries around the world depend on the importation and exportation of oil to keep their factories and societies running. In particular the United States consumes around 18.8 million barrels of oil a day, which is more than the next four countries combined. This means that United States alone consumes 22% of the worlds oil supply(U.S. Energy Information Administration). The United States is continuously searching for new ways to satisfy its need for oil to keep its economy booming. It is here that the Keystone Pipeline has been pushed into the spotlight of American politics and society. The pipeline is now…show more content…
As of recent the Keystone Pipeline bill has been vetoed by president Barack Obama as there are many concerns that come along with the passing of a pipeline, which would carry dangerous oils across the United States. However many people believe the pipeline will bring greater benefits such as more jobs as well as a reliable energy source that is much closer to the United States than the oil of the Middle East. From articles and research that I have found it is in my opinion that this bill should be put to rest once and for all. The negative consequences such as environmental damages and little economic benefit to me do not justify the building of a pipeline extending from Canada to the Gulf. These following points will highlight why the bill to pass the pipeline should be killed as well as the option of an alternative solution that will better off everyone. Environmental disasters that occur with oil can have disastrous results on whatever environment it occurs in, whether it’s water or land. In regards to the Keystone Pipeline they plan to extract tar sands oil from Alberta Canada. Tar sands oil impact the environment in many different ways, and these ways will be highlighted in an attempt to show how dangerous and devastating the passing of this pipeline would be to the environment in not just the United States but Canada as well. Pollution from tar sands oil greatly eclipses
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