The Oil Industry And Fossil Fuels Essay

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Around the world there is major controversy on the continuing support of the oil industry and fossil fuels. The production and consumption of oil affects the American citizen’s everyday life in some form or another. Many Americans have a strong view regarding the consumption and production of fossil fuels. Recently, especially on social media this particular controversial issue has been brought to the forefront due to the protests in regards to the Dakota Access Pipeline. In past major headlining news, in 2010 the Deepwater Horizon furthered the discussion of using nonrenewable resources. The youth of America is taught throughout their education how special the earth is, and the crucial role one plays in preserving the land and wildlife for the generations to come. As a society who lies heavily on the production of oil, the country needs to weigh the pros and cons of continuing their involvement in this industry, as well as considering the amount of influential pull the United States has with other powerful nations.
One of the main determining factors behind America and their decision to either continue supporting the oil industry, or moving towards renewable energy sources is the ability to evaluate the validity of alternative energy sources at hand. There are a number of alternative energy sources available including; solar, tidal, wind, and biofuels to just name a few. The growing trend in the twenty-first century is to be environmentally cautious of the impact from
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