The Oil Industry Relate World Trade Organization

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Page - 5 - MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY TOPIC: THE OIL INDUSTRY RELATE WORLD TRADE SUBJECT: PROJECT1 - Evaluating Sources Name and surname: ANOULACK VONGSA NAME AND SURNAME: ANOULACK VONGSA TOPIC: THE OIL INDUSTRY RELATE WORLD TRADE Table of Contents Abstract - 3 - Introduction - 3 - Methodology: - 3 - -Information survey: - 4 - -Data collection - 4 - -Data analysis: - 4 - Finding - 5 - Discussion and analysis - 6 - Conclusion - 7 - Reference: - 8 - Abbreviate: 1. WTO (world trade organization). 2. WTO (the world trade organization and oil) 3. CARS ( 4. OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). Abstract This report mention the oil relate the world trade. Also, it explains the background of the oil…show more content…
Today oil affords world production such as electricity, car, and all of logistic. Due to it is a limit source that is used for providing almost of production of the world, so the oil price is always fluctuated depending on producing and consumption. Because of this situation, demand for energy and pursuit for oil are not stable, so it affects to WTO (world trade organization) that is central to the international economic institution in many ways. This research focuses on finding a variety of sources in books, magazines and Internets on the effect of the oil industry on world trade. Its purpose is for finding and analysis the source, which is related to the following issues through Robert Harris?s theory (2007) and CARS theory. Methodology: This statement is intended to discuss the oil industry and relative world trade in the world. Also, firstly, we will give a detail about finding the document, secondly, in term of data collection and giving some general information. Thirdly, data analysis by using Excel for analysis to percent. -Information survey: Our group has discovered many types of databases, such as a library, internet engine, News on website reliables such as Guardian, government website, etc., Respectively. ? -Data collection In order of The data collection that, we have collected the information such as manufacturer and exporter, consumer and in term of world trade. For example, in Saudi
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