The Oil Sands Assets Of North America

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CNRL’s reserves seem to be well-diversified, both in terms of the countries they are operating in, as well as the type of resources they are

extracting. CNRL’s operation is currently involved in three different continents: North America, UK portion of North Sea and Offshore Africa. It

produces both oil as well as natural gas.

North America

For the gas, CNRL has both conventional as well as unconventional reserves. The assets in North America is primarily in Western Canadian

Sedimentary basin with five major regions of operation: NW Alberta, NE BC, Foothills, Northern and Southern Plains.

For oil, their reserves include crude oil, primary, secondary and tertiary recoveries and oil sands (both in-situ and mining operations). CNRL

claims to be the largest heavy crude oil producer in Canada. The assets for crude oil and NGL are located in Alberta-Saskatchewan border,

Pelican Lake field. The oil sands assets are in Athabasca and Cold Lake deposits. Their major project is in Fort McMurray area, which is called

Horizons project.

North Sea & Offshore Africa

In North Sea, CNRL is operating in mature basins with low risk and high value strategy by extending field life. In offshore Africa, CNRL has two

reservoirs: East and West Espoir which are in offshore Ivory Coast, about 60km southwest of the capital city: Abidjan. CNRL currently has a 50%

working interest in a deep-water exploration project between Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth located in offshore…

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