The Oil Sands Of Alberta

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Alberta Oil Industry
EC239 section C
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The Oil Sands of Alberta have been a scene of controversy since the commercial production of oil began there in 1967. The Oil Sands are underground deposits made up of a mixture of sand, water, clay, and bitumen (1). The oil extracted from these reserves in Alberta is an integral source of energy used by Canadians on a daily basis, from transportation to heating. The oil sands are also a major host for jobs not only for the locals in Alberta, but also for all Canadians. Even with such apparent benefits, there are many who oppose these activities. This research paper will first discuss trade policies as well as the crude export ban in the U.S. This will be followed by a further exploration of data analysis including exports, imports and the price of oil. After our data analysis, we will examine the specific factors model in our critical analysis and look at how technology, education and being a skilled worker are the reasons why we remain internationally competitive.
The recent overturning of a crude oil export ban in the U.S and Saudi Arabia’s reluctance to support crude oil prices has caused major implication to the Alberta oil sands industry (2) (3). The export ban in the US was established in order to maintain domestic oil reserves…

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