The Ojibway Indians Essay

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The Ojibway Indians
Brennan Oakland
Don’t be confused when an Indian tribe is called the Chippewa or the Ojibway because they are the same tribe. French settlers could not pronounce Ojibway correctly so they called the tribe the Chippewa. Have you ever wanted to know about the Ojibway Indians? If you read on, you will learn many interesting facts about this tribe.

History and Culture
The Ojibway Indians occupied the northern parts of Wisconsin and the entire north coast of Lake Superior. They also captured western parts of Minnesota through war with the Sioux tribe. The Sioux were driven into North and South Dakota because of these wars. The Sioux and Iroquois tribes were enemies of the Ojibway Indians. The Ottawa and Potawatomi tribes were their allies. The Ottawa, Potawatomi, and Ojibway called themselves The Council of Three Fires. The Ojibway tribe is divided into one-hundred and fifty bands and all were allies. The Red Lake, White Earth, Mille Lacs, and Pillager were some of the bands found in Minnesota.
The Ojibway mainly got around by traveling across rivers and lakes with birchbark canoes. Eventually European settlers came with horses, but only the Plains Ojibway used them for transportation and hunting buffalo. The fur trade in the 1600’s changed the Ojibway culture forever. The Ojibway Indians began trading animal pelts with French settlers and in return received utensils, advanced weapons, clothing, and many other products which changed…

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