The Oklahoma State Liquor Laws

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I am going to address the Oklahoma State Liquor Laws. The law specifically in question is section 534, chapter 3 of Title 37 in the Oklahoma Statues. The issue being that, in the state of Oklahoma, the sale of any alcoholic beverage that is over 3.2 percent alcohol volume by weight has to be sold at room temperature and cannot be sold in grocery stores or convenient stores. By law it can only be sold by state-licensed liquor stores. This means that the general public has to pay a higher mark-up for the alcohol purchased in these privately owned liquor stores and businesses. The law says that such drinks are to be sold only at room temperature. It is also illegal for the sale of higher alcohol content drinks on Sunday’s, on election days, and on holidays. Texas, on the other hand, makes the sales of all alcoholic drinks legal in grocery stores, convenient stores, and liquor stores.

In September of 1907 Oklahoma accepted prohibition as part of the new state 's constitution. In January of

1919, Oklahoma became the eighteenth state to ratify, or make valid, the Eighteenth Amendment. The Eighteenth Amendment prohibited the making, selling and transportation of alcohol. In February of 1933 the Twenty-First Amendment to the United States Constitution was passed. The Twenty-First Amendment repealed the Eighteenth Amendment and gave the individual states the rights to determine the alcohol laws for their own state. Like a lot of other states, Oklahoma never ratified the…
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