The Old Age Assistance Program For The Elderly

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Knowledge Centuries ago, many poor elderly people lived in Almshouses because their families were unable to take care of them due to the Civil War. Once the quality of the Almshouses declined the government became involved with providing support for the homes. In 1935, they became long-term care facilities or private skilled nursing homes. These homes continued to provide assistance for the aging populations and disabled (The Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation, 2015). In 1950, these facilities were required to be licensed by the state to be able to participate in the Old age assistance program for the elderly.
Nurses are a crucial part of these LTC facilities, providing one on one care for each resident in the home.
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There are five areas of services that are important to the functioning of patients with their continual independence. Medical care, mental health services, social support, residential amenities and hospice services are all must to have skilled nurses and can to assist. Nurses that work at Long term care facilities typically have a larger patient load than nurses that work in hospitals. They have patients with multiple levels of conditions ranging from dementia, to wound care, stroke and neurological disorders. They can obtain various amounts of experience in different levels of care, but are in jeopardy of fatigue (Tummers, Groeneveld, & Lankhaar, 2013). Having few nurses working creates an overwhelming atmosphere for the nurses and they become stressed and overworked. There is very little training and education that nurses in LTC facilities receive which can inhibit their growth and create a feeling of unworthiness. LTC care nurse’s salary is not comparable to those in a hospital setting for more patient work load. Leaders lack the exceptional leadership skills required to help the facility operate smoothly (Coomber & Barriball 2007
Organizational structures used by long term care facilities are vertical structures. They are popular with nursing homes because LTC facilities have several employees that perform comparable responsibilities (Schedler, 2014). Global Nursing Home Health, Inc., follows the vertical
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