The Old Age Pension

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The involvement of these two pioneering men and the teams that they assembled, in the late nineteenth century, to look into the causes and extent of poverty within their immediate cities, would ultimately outline how all future social endeavours would be structured, then, and, now. What facts these men were to unearth was of such socio-political importance and the methodologies used, of such systematic detail that they were too not only influence all factions of political leaning of the day, but radically alter the beliefs of, some of the more established political parties of the day. In due course, their findings would go on to promote the introduction of the Old Age Pension, free school meals and in the longer run, encourage the founding of the welfare state. In undertaking their research, both were to use new scientific methods of collecting statistical data on poverty and its causes across major towns and cities in England. From the outset, Booth sought to determine the causes of poverty, and how to best alleviate it. For that reason, Booths report were in such detail, that they ran into seventeen-volumes, all published between 1889 and 1903 under the title of ‘Life of the People of London’. Whilst compiling his report, Booth was known to have been in regular communication with Rowntree and, would regularly offer support to Rowntree whilst he was assembling his own comprehensive study of poverty in York. For the benefit of the reader, this essay will explore the
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