The Old And New Testament

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The Bible is made up of two main books, the Old and New Testament, which both consist of stories and the experiences of the apostles and the disciples. The Bible talks about every topic imaginable to man; but the topic of woman is still today, a very controversial one. Depending on whom you talk to, opinions will vary dramatically. “Are women seen as equal to man?” “Are women independent or dependent”, and “Are women only seen for their beauty and duties in the household?”. Throughout the Bible, women are spoken about quite a bit. In Genesis, man and woman are created, in Proverbs, the perfect wife is described, and in Corinthians, marriage roles are talked about. The Bible can be interpreted in many ways depending on someone’s opinion.…show more content…
Adam and Eve, probably, both were gardeners/farmers of the Garden of Eden. They didn’t have children yet and there was no other human being or other job on the earth. One did not do a more masculine or feminine job than the other, they were equal. Another item of note; before Adam and Eve ate the fruit of knowledge, they both had no idea that they were naked. They did not know there was a right and wrong, they couldn’t get embarrassed, or jealous, or angry. They were innocent. Adam wasn’t the only one innocent or naked, Eve was as well. God didn’t give more knowledge to Adam than Eve, they were given equal amount of knowledge and responsibility. That was the only time that human beings were perfectly equal. The only reason for that, of course, was because it was before they ate from the tree of knowledge. After that, mankind was born into the knowledge of embarrassment, anger, jealousy, pride, and inequality. The definition of equality is, “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.” When looking at the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve were equal in status, rights, and opportunities. Soon after Eve was created, Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge and convinced Adam to as well. This was the fall into sin. When God found out about this he punished them both. To Eve, he said “Your desire shall be for your husband. And he
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