The Old Caledonia Plantation

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Leaning back in his rocker with his bare feet propped on the railing, Joshua smoked his first cigarette of the day. Fat, bushy-tailed squirrels running around the trees and swinging off the moss-laden limbs had held his attention for the past fifteen minutes; he welcomed distraction. Watching the squirrels had kept his thoughts at bay, which was good. He especially needed a break from thinking of the events of the last several days. When dawn broke, he had a clear view of the river, which was a good hundred fifty feet from his back porch doorsteps. Even in the worst of rainy seasons, he 'd never had to worry about the rise of the river; the gentle slope of the land raised the cabin well above flood level. In the nearly thirty years he 'd lived there, river water had never risen high enough to reach the 160-year-old cabin that once housed the overseer of the old Caledonia Plantation. Caledonia, was also known as the old Moffett Plantation because a wealthy cotton broker named William Moffett once owned it. Moffett gained his financial influence after immigrating to Mobile from Scotland during the period known as “Alabama Fever” when settlers and speculators rushed in to claim the land ceded by the Indians to expand cotton production in the South. Joshua 's cabin was the only structure that remained of the original plantation buildings, other than a few remnants of the main house that was burned to the ground shortly after the War Between the States. Members of the notorious

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