The Old English Ways Essay

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Throughout history there has always been a struggle for power between absolute rulers and the people and somewhere in the middle they compromise at democracy. In the past the people have written documents to that limited the of the king and obtain their natural rights. The Magna Carta became known as one of the first documents to ever degrade the power of a king. Following the Magna Carta came the Petition of Rights, this to limited the strength of the king. Succeeding the Petition of Rights, came the founding of the Bill of Rights. Without boundaries a ruler will abuse his power over the people. Therefore in order for a ruler to lead a democratic government he must have boundaries and regulations to abide by. The Magna Carta became the …show more content…
This document was only the first of three document to limit the kings power. King Charles tried to rule as an absolute ruler, but he was unsuccessful in his attempt. Charles started to take advantage of his people by using force and unjust taxes. Parliament, unhappy with the conditions of the state deiced to do something about it. They wrote the Petition of Rights. this document unabled the king to proceed as he wished. This document states that Parliament has the right to dismiss themselves. In other words that means the king can not tell Parliament they are finished and no longer have the power to do anything. Also Parliament would be called to session at least once every three years. Hence, the king would not be able to completely ignore Parliament and the voice of the people completely. Consequently limiting his power. Another section declared that the people have the right to due process and all ancient taxes are abolished. By obtaining these rights and privileges the people are free to have there life, liberty, and property without a fear of losing any of these without due process. Lastly, the power of the king was limited by a third document, The Bill of Rights. Before William and Mary could become king and queen they were forced to sign the Bill of
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