The Old Guard Is Responsible For The Security

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The 3rd Infantry Regiment also called the Old Guard is responsible for the security of Washington D.C during times of national emergency or civil disturbance. It’s also the oldest unit in the U.S. Army service since 1784. Its primary responsibilities these days were far more ceremonial than combat related, although they did rotate units in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan. It guards the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington; it conducts memorial affairs as in participating in the burial of our fallen Soldiers. It has the Fife and Drum Corps they are a U.S. Army marching band that wears continental army uniforms in which it wears during performances. However, the bottom line is that it’s still and infantry regiment and each and every Soldier within the unit must meet all infantry standards that any other infantry unit must. In conjunction units within the old guard rotate in and out of combat areas serving as infantry. Depending on the side-of-the-fence you’re on you either thought they were one of the Army’s elite units or some chicken-shit toy Soldier, run away when the shit hits the fan units. Fortunately, most Soldiers in the Army believed they were a good unit which had plenty of volunteers and not all of those volunteers were able to make the grade. With the wars finally winding down the burials had slowed to almost a trickle which was good for the Escort/ Caisson Platoons. It left them more time for training and honing their infantry skills. Most of the…

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