The Old Indian Trail Cases

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When finding vigilante justice should we follow the law or our own personal vendetta? When I hear of someone trying to arrest a rapist, I automatically think of the TV show Law & Order: SVU that deals with solving rape cases and a variety of sexual assault cases. When they’re solving rape cases, they look at the crime scene in order to get a motive, evidence, and witnesses that will help them find a cause to pinpoint them to the identity of the rapist where they will go to trial. If there is no type of evidence that will lead them to the crime scene, then they can not arrest them. When the novel describes the old Indian trail cases in chapter three, it seems very logical and straightforward without having to over analyze the crime. I believe Indian law is too simple because they follow their personal beliefs and mistakes can easily be made when trying to solve criminal cases. Along with their simple laws, the Ojibwe have their own tribal myths they play an influential role in the making of tribal laws, therefore, it is vital where the United States laws take it to a whole new level by looking at the crime scene from every angle. Both Indian law and the United States laws have their own unique system to solve the crime. When Joe is trying to solve his mother’s rape, he is conflicted on whether to follow the criminal justice system or the Indian laws to find his mother justice. I can see his problem, but in the end he had to follow his morals by advancing into a vigilante.

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