The Old Man And The Sea

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‘The Old Man and the Sea’; quite possibly the most boring book I have read in my life. Not to say that it is necessarily “bad”, with all the possible interpretations, which bring about the book’s own sense of mystery, and actually decent characterization, perhaps it is worthwhile. But, nonetheless; the most boring, unexciting book I have ever feasted (or perhaps forcefully overindulged) my eyes upon. I guess it just wasn’t quite my cup of sea.

This novella was written by Ernest Hemingway, who is widely known to have this obsession with death, at least in his novels. He had a distaste for war believing it was tragic and horrible. He killed himself July 2nd 1961 by shotgun. Now, I make these ideas Hemingway had and these quite depressive and perhaps even morbid facts about him clear, as a way to state my case about how I have interpreted this novel.

This story is about a depressed old man who has to come to term with his own elderhood and his apparent death, whether sooner or later. I realize this isn’t some mind-blowing interpretation, like how some people interpret ‘Toy Story 3’ as being about the holocaust and the ‘Robocop’ titular character is Jesus (yes, people are crazy, but heck if they are not creative). But I see ‘The Old Man and the Sea’, as being rather straightforward, as Hemingway said himself, “It’s a book about a man and a fish”-- nothing more. So, instead of seeking out a crazy interpretation like the book is a prophecy for the tsunamis in Japan…

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