The Old Man And The Sea

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The endless advance of time has left many writers, and their works forgotten. Only a select few live on, Ernest Hemingway being a prime example. With his straight forward style of writing and his Sinatra-esque personality his name still continues to live on to this day. His most famous work called “The Old Man and the Sea” which follows and old washed up fisherman whom is down on his luck embarks on a voyage where he is thrown into a long bout with a tremendous marlin. The novel landed Hemingway a Pulitzer Prize in 1953 signifying the peak of his career. After this novel Hemingway coping with the throes of alcoholism drove himself into deep and darkening depression. No longer a functioning alcoholic, writing became a somewhat…show more content…
Although they still took the story exactly where they needed to go without boring the reader. As many say that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s constant description of things may leave them in awe with how beautifully constructed his sentences are. It leaves you wondering where the plot was going. This was never an issue of Hemingway’s he delivered the plot right at your feet, which may be why his stories where so well received in his later life. War struck the world after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparking world war 1( the great war). The alliance system hurdled countries against each other like no other war before. With the new technological advancements soldiers had never been more dangerous raising the death toll tremendously. As a noble young man Ernest enlisted in the itallian military as an Ambulance driver where he saw more than enough bloodshed. After sustaining some battle injuries a certain nurse in a hospital caught Hemingway’s eye causing him to go mad with lust. He proposed the the nurse she accepted the young authors proposal only to run away with another man in just a few short weeks. Crushed by the love lost Hemingway later poured and channeled these emotions into later works of his own including “`A Very Short Story”, and much more widely renowned “A Farewell to Arms”. Still in recovery from

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