The Old Man And The Sea Summary

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I. SUBJECT “the Old Man and the Sea” written by Ernest Hemingway, was taken place in the 1940’s out in the sea off the coast of Cuba. Hemingway is talking about Santigo’s voyage out on the open water. Santigo is the old man who has a young friend named Manolin who was the only one to go fish with him. Everyone else even Manolin’s parents think that Santigo is salo “the worst form of unlucky”. The old man leaves to head out to sea when he tells us that the sea cannot be controlled. After days at sea he saw dauphins and a bird, since the Santigo is lonely he holds conversations with them and is just talking to himself. He finally gets a fish on his line and it is the Marlon, this is the fight of Santigo’s life. While he lets the Marlon drag him around the waters, it shows itself when it jumps out of the water and is 2 feet longer then the skiff. This is the biggest Santigo has ever seen. He finally has the Marlin worn out and is sad that he must kill this creature. While on his way back sharks attach the Marlins meat because it’s too big to fit in the skiff. Santigo kills 2 hammerhead sharks, but there were one to many and thy devoured the Marlin. All that was left of the old man’s fish was its skeleton. II. THEME Santigo was the one person out of everyone in the story who deserved to have a wonderful day. He spent months to catch a large fish and he succeeded by catching the biggest fish he’d ever seen. Working long and hard to achieve what you want doesn’t always mean it
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