Essay on The Old Man and the Sea Outline

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Kyle Neuhaus
American Literature Honors
18 April 2012
The Various Themes of The Old Man and the Sea
I. Introduction A. The story of a battle between an experienced fisherman, a marlin, and the struggles the old man has to overcome to be victorious. B. In Santiago, the central character of Old Man and the Sea, Earnest Hemingway has created a hero who personifies honor, courage, endurance, and faith. II. Honor A. As Santiago goes too far trying to catch the marlin, he ignores all the hardships involved in his duel, eventually catching the fish, justifying his pride and self-reliance. B. “You are killing me, fish, the old man thought. But you have a right to. Never have I seen a greater, or more beautiful, or
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B. In the novel, one was able to tell of the courage it took to kill the marlin. One can contrast this with Santiago’s killings of the sharks, which took little to no courage to do. C. For one brief moment, Santiago accepts defeat, saying, "I never knew how easy it is when you're beaten." But, of course, Santiago is not beaten. He has the courage left to return home, to drag himself to his hut, to face Manolin, and to accept the loss of his greatest catch. IV. Enduring A. A big example of Santiago’s endurance is his will to stay out on sea and fish, even though he has been unlucky. He doesn’t catch great fish like he used to, and can barely even feed himself, but stills finds it in himself do what he is passionate for. B. "’Fish,’ he said softly, aloud, ‘I’ll stay with you until I am dead.’ He’ll stay with me too, I suppose, the old man thought and he waited for it to be light.’” (52-53) C. ‘I must save all my strength now. Christ, I did not know he was so big.’ ‘I’ll kill him though,’ he said. ‘In all his greatness and his glory.’ Although it is unjust, he thought. But I will show him what a man can do and what a man endures.” (66) V. Faith A. His faith is shown at the beginning of the book when we found out that he has gone through eighty-four days of bad luck. Everyone knows that Santiago has lost his touch, but he still manages to go out every day, to fish, and do what he has been for his whole lifetime. His faith
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