The Old Market Woman Is A Marble Statue

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The Old Market Woman, is a marble statue that dates back to the Early Imperial period, which also known as the Hellenistic period. Artists became fascinated with the idea of childhood and old age, instead of beauty and masculinity. More become interested in seeing a statue that has characteristics that catches the viewer 's eyes. We are naturally attracted to beauty as humans. What the artist of The Old Market Woman did, though was they had taken that beauty that we are attracted to, and transforms it into reality and then uses it to tell a story. The use of realism relates strongly to the religion that the Woman of this statue believed in. When examining the statue, there is an old woman bent and weary. Her posture helps clue us in, with her age and the state of her health. The figure is dressed in cloth that drapes off her body as she carries a basket that is filled with what we may think are offerings. On her head, there are vines that create a band around the top of her head used to signify the festival that was going on during that time. The specific detail that is seen on this statue persuades us to want to know the story of this woman. Doing so, the process involves lots of research about the time and art. During the hellenistic period, artists begin to introduce more inner beauty than physical beauty. There is an opportunity to learn more about the structure itself, then settle for what is given and seen. In the Hellenistic period, “artists became concerned with

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