The Old Mill Hotel

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The Old Mill hotel is not just a hotel it is a hotel full of great history and a lot of experience in the industry. It has great sightseeing places like lakes, waterfall, and it is located in a very good neighbourhood. With these being said, there should not have been any sudden reduction in sales or people that stay in the hotel. But as a young consumer we can see areas in which the hotel is lacing. According to the information given to us in class, we see that those who visit the hotel mostly are 65 years old and above (Professor Victor, Blackboard). Does that mean that because most of their customers are dead that is why they have low revenue? And if that is the case, how can they attract young adult and middle age to come to their hotel? These are the question I will focus on in order to reveal the areas they can increase their revenue.
According to 2014 statistic, the majority of those living in the area 19% are 80 years old and above, 9% are ages 70 – 79, 10.3% are ages 60 – 69, and 11.5% are from ages 50 -59. Furthermore, 53% are female while 47% are male. The rates of children have decrease over the years, and majority of the young once living there are going to school (mostly college and university). In addition to that, 55.4% are renting a house while 46.6% own a house they pay an average mortgage of $1000 per month. 88% own a car, truck and bicycle. ( According to this
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