The Old Nurse 's Story

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When it comes to Elizabeth Gaskell and her stories, the story titled, “The Old Nurse 's Story”, serves as the perfect example of the Gothic elements that were very popular in many authors stories and poems during this period of time. During this time of British literature, Romanticism and Gothic elements were the two main strategic ways of writing and how the audience read and perceived the stories being told. The Gothic element of writing consisted of dark, gloomy and ghostly literature that brought a haunted feel to the each story. Some Gothic stories could consist of ghostly figures haunting the characters in the story or the stories told could be about someone suffering a gruesome death that brought a darkness theme to it. That Gothic feel was very evident in the story by Gaskell because of the supernatural figures that were present as she describes the setting, the description of the characters and the issue that was taking place. Some of those Gothic elements that you see throughout the story is the house that seems to be isolated, the mysterious sounds that they continue to hear and the storms outside. These supernatural details give the story the dark and gloomy theme that makes it part of the Gothic period. When discussing the “The Old Nurse 's Story”, the general synopsis of the story is about a young orphan girl that is left in the care of her nanny and her aunt that has a bunch of servants. The story starts out like any other typical story but as it continues
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