The Old Testament

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The purpose of the Old Testament is to give historical background as well as to give prophesies to the world and also to look towards the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to transform and replace old laws with his sacrifice and free gift. He took the Mosaic divorce law and the law regarding the Sabbath. Jesus was tested by the Pharisees and he won every time. He knew how to answer, many times in the form of a question, parable or story; he always had a response. I believe that the strict view of inerrancy is the truth. The Bible should be taken literally. Because God is omnipresent and omniscient, he know the future and spoke through the Old Testament writers. He knew that the Sabbath needed to be kept holy and that it would benefit the people. He also knew that divorce was a wide spread issue in the time of Mose and would continue to be an issue. Both of these topics were and are common in the time of the Old Testament as well as today. This is no surprise to God. He knew that many issues discussed in the Old Testament and in the time of Jesus would still be a great concern today. This is hard for humans to understand that God is all-knowing; but being human we make the same mistakes; this is why we still have many issues from before Christ. As humans, we are fallen and cannot live perfect lives; we will always sin and the Bible is the book where we see God’s guidance and truth on these issues. God could have created the world in seven days and

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