The Old Testament Essay

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The Old Testament can be very hard for many people to look to for guidance. The difficulty often comes because the questions they have in today’s society may not relate to the Old Testament. “Much biblical scholarship is narrowly historical-critical and does not seek to draw out the ethical-theological dimensions of the text.” (297) Pastors have the task of relating the Old Testament to today’s problems and it can be quite a challenge. Addressing moral issues is a difficult issue that pastors are faced with when addressing them through the Old Testament. This article addresses many factors that contribute to pastors not effectively addressing morals because of the complexity of relating them to Old Testament context.
Article Summary
Terence E. Fretheim speaks from a perspective that shows the challenges that pastors face in regard to morality in today’s society and how it compares to the Old Testament. He points out that pastors often overlook these aspects:
1. Our world raises many ethical issues that the Bible does not reference. 2. Scripture works with many perspectives that have little if any pertinence to today’s world, from the treatment of women and slaves to serve punishments. 3. The Old Testament especially is thought to be problematic ethically and hence is less helpful than the New Testament, through New Testament violence finally exceeds that of the Old Testament. 4. Questions arise about the authority and consequent use of the Bible.
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