The Old Testament : Israel 's Religious And Political Posture

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At the conclusion of the Old Testament, Israel’s religious and political posture had not changed much towards regaining their foothold as a sovereign nation. Although the Israelites made advancements in restoring the temple and reestablishing the Mosaic Law, they still remain under the decree of a powerful nation, the Persian Empire. No one from the Davidic royal line was able to defeat the Persians or regain the throne for the Jewish people. For more than 400 years, there were times of prosperity and hopes of victory, while at other times destruction and ascendency dominated the land. The once Persian dominated land was overthrown by the Grecians, and subsequently the Roman Empire ruled. During this period of time, YHWH’s voice became…show more content…
His indecision to accept a place in Christ’s inner circle showed a lack of further commitment. The overall methodology of this project will be to develop a foundational approach to understanding the life and ministry of John the Baptist. Further, this paper will demonstrate his pivotal and irrefutable role in demanding repentance from sin, while proclaiming the anticipated emergence of the true Messiah. These preparatory focuses will provide meaningful insight into John the Baptist’s overall mission and servitude to God. However, this study will assiduously analyze John’s skepticism or hesitation in becoming Christ’s disciple, while emphasizing his possible ideological modification during his imprisonment. Even though this paper will use the Bible as its primary source, other peer-reviewed scholarly sources will be used to extract and emphasize meaningful facts and opinions. Conceivably through this study, it will provide the reader with a clear understanding of John the Baptist’s true role.


The Gospel According to Luke provides clear details of the early life of John the Baptist, to include the foretelling of his birth. The uniqueness of his birth coincides with a similar account expressed by Matthew about the story of Jesus’ birth. Gabriel, the angel, appeared unto Zechariah with an answer to his long awaited prayer that his wife would bear a son and would name him John (Lk
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