The Old Testament

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With the completion of the Old Testament put a stop on the preaching and revelation of the prophets. Prophets were responsible for enlightening the Jews about the realities of life and resolved various issues that they had. The Jews were desperate to know the truth, and the teachings of the God and hence prophets aided these longings of theirs. Religious ritualism, social injustice, and idolatry were the three areas in which the prophets emphasized in their preaching and filled the hearts and minds of their believers with it. Prophets were enlightened and blessed beings that had much knowledge about the religious matters and their teachings are of still very significant and valid.
The Bible instructs numerous cases of the Social Injustice, Idolatry, and Ritualism. God 's picked prophets, for example, Hosea, Micah, Jonah, Ezekiel, and Isaiah, give occasions of these themes. Through these picked prophets a superior comprehension of Gods expectations and implications can be found. An inside and out an examination of these points is expected to handle the importance of everyone better. Excessive admiration, this is a word found the Bible, however. 'Excessive praise as characterized the divine love of symbols. The expected significance of 'excessive praise in this viewpoint is the love of something man made of any material. The more suitable significance can be better clarified by Paul Helm. In his book, Mind, it is characterized as one brimming with philosophical enthusiasm,

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