The Old Testament : What Are The Fundamental Teachings This Amazing Story?

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The Old Testament is one of the few religious books that over the centuries has not changed and been a central tool to the Christian. But what is it about? What are the fundamental teachings this amazing story explains. Well like any good story it is about unlikely heroes, kings, seers, nations rising up and falling. But though all the different turns it makes there is one key theme that can be seen throughout. Notably, it is that despite our many sins God 's desires a personal relationship with his people.

So how did it all begin? Well as it reads God created the heavens and the earth. He created every living thing that is in the universe and he created man, male and female did he create them. And he placed Adam and Eve in a garden and gave them everything that they needed only stimulating that they could not eat from the tree in the center of the garden, the tree of good and evil. Unfortunately, they were tempted and gave into there human desires. This is how sin came into the world making everything chaotic and apart from what it was created to be. Now Adam and Eve had numerous descendants but many were evil and there was only one who was righteous in the sight of the Lord, Noah. Hence, God gave directions to Noah concerning the construction of a large boat, otherwise known as an Ark. Into this craft would go Noah and his family and two of every animal which moved upon the face of the earth to escape the great flood that would sweep across the earth. The storm lasted

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