The Old World And New World

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When the Old World and New World collided, different countries from the Old World reacted differently. The French reacted positively with the Native Americans and became allies with them. The English tried to steal the natives land, disregarding that the natives were there first. The Spanish pursued to conquer Southern America, in hope to discover gold. All three countries came in search for different things but all came in contact with the Natives.
When Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer, was sent over by Spain to find a passage to the eastern side of Asia in 1492, he unintentionally discovered the Americas, first founded by its native inhabitants. He interacted with the Natives, whom he believed were the Indians. The first Natives Columbus encountered was the Tainos. Spain’s main goal of finding the New World was to find gold, so when the Tainos were wearing gold jewelry, the Spaniards figured they were on the right track for finding a place to dig for gold. Later they discovered the Tainos only obtained only a small amount of gold. Columbus then took some Tainos back with him in hope to enslave the new people. The monarch denied the request for enslavement, but in 1520, only thirty eight years after Columbus founded the New World, all the Tainos were extinct due to the disease he brought. Spain, still with the hope of finding gold, wanted to conquer the rest of the New World. He brought over horses and cows which were important because the only beast of burden the
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