The Older Adult I Had The Opportunity To Interview Was

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The older adult I had the opportunity to interview was my boyfriend 's step grandmother. I met her a few years ago when we took a vacation in Florida, and thought she would be a great person to interview, because she is outgoing and has aged well. I conducted a telephone interview for this assignment, because she is currently in Florida for the remainder of the Spring season. The interviewee was born in Portland, Maine in 1942, and is seventy-five years old. She had four older brothers, one older sister, and has a younger sister who is three years younger than her and whom is her best friend. She has two sons, one daughter, and five grandchildren. Unfortunately, one of her grandsons died at the age of four from Canavan disease. Her and…show more content…
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “older adults are at an increased risk of depression, because depression is more common in people who have other illnesses, and 80% of older adults have a chronic condition” (CDC, 2017). The CDC also mentions that older adults are often misdiagnosed or undertreated, because the symptoms may be thought to be the cause of something else, or the patient doesn’t understand that treatment would be beneficial and do not seek help. The interviewee definitely appears to be aging successfully. She is very active for a seventy-five year old. Each morning she eats breakfast followed by ten minutes of yoga. Next, she bikes to the pool and swims laps or does water aerobics. Other ways she enjoys exercise is through walks around the park or around the beach. She hasn’t taken dance classes in awhile, but would would be interested in taking a line dancing class next winter if she can find the time. In response to question 6, she believes she can control her health by a large extent by not letting stress get to her. She mentioned how illness can be the cause of stress, and how she has to really work on not worrying about things she has no control over, because it will just create unneeded stress. Other hobbies that she enjoys include knitting, quilting, book club, volunteering for meals on wheels, Reiki practitioner, and traveling. She and her husband have

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