The Oldest Known Professions

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Tyesha Jenkins Nurse Researcher November 3, 2014 Albany State University NURS 4342 Mrs. Childs Introduction and History One of the oldest known professions in the history of human society is nursing. Although it may not have recognized as an actual occupation until around the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, women were caring for the sick and being compensated for their work and expertise. Pioneers such as Linda Richards, the first professionally trained nurse in America, and Florence Nightingale (influenced nursing in the US as well as trained both doctors and nurses throughout her career) paved the way for the numerous board certified nurses around the world. Despite the fact that today in the 21st century the nursing field is unisex, there are countless women like those mentioned prior and others such as Mary Mahoney, the first credentialed African American U.S. nurse, who made it possible to have such a longstanding profession and have it branch out to the many fields of nursing careers available in 2014 (Weatherford, D., 2010). Nurses such as Florence Nightingale contributed to successfully making changes in nursing and how patients are cared for. She is also noted for her contribution to nurse research that began in 1859 through her interest and studies in environmental factors that influence the emotional and physical wellbeing of patients (Audain, C., 2014). Another contribution Nightingale made to the
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